The Dream Jumper Series

What if you could enter dreams to help the world? How long would you do that before you wanted something for yourself?

The Dream Jumper's Promise

 Tina Green's husband is presumed dead from a Maui surfing accident and now she's being haunted by otherwordly dreams. When former boyfriend, Jamey Dunn, turns up at her Lahaina dive shop and offers to help, she can't believe his preposterous claim -- he can enter dreams. As James deciphers her dreams, the mystery unravels for Jamey, Tina, and her best friend, Noble. But secrets, lies, and heartbreak rise to the ugly surface and soon we realize that no one is entirely who they seem. One person is an impostor, one, a traitor and one is flirting with insanity.

"Hornsby has written a fascinating and engaging paranormal romance...believable and richly portrayed" - Publisher's Weekly 

BOOK 1 - The Dream Jumper's Promise

BOOK 2 - The Dream Jumper's Secret

BOOK 3 - The Dream Jumper's Pursuit

BOOK 4 - Girl of His Dream

BONUS BOOK - Dream Come True

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Necessary detour



After a stalker's attack, rock star Goldy Crossland flees L.A. for her secluded lake house in Northern Washington. Retired from the music business, she hopes to avoid both the press and her psychotic fan. But obscurity leaves her restless, and when a mysterious--and disturbingly handsome--new neighbor moves in, she can't resist spying. Pete Bayer is undeniably attractive, but Goldy quickly realizes there's something strange going on in the log house across the bay. Is he a member of the paparazzi? Or a much more sinister threat? Despite her suspicions, Goldy can't deny her fascination with him. When the press discovers her hideout, it's Pete who offers an escape route, but it comes with a price. Unwillingly drawn into his dangerous world, Goldy soon learns the reason behind Pete's secrecy--and her crush on her charming neighbor takes a deadly turn. 

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Moody & The Ghost Series


Moody & The Ghost





Ghosts love Bryndle Moody. Until recently.

After a car accident that took her eyesight, YouTube celebrity and paranormal investigator, Moody, finds she has also lost her ability to communicate with ghosts. When she mysteriously inherits a house on the Oregon Coast, Bryn and her team set out from her Seattle houseboat to investigate. The house has many surprises and as Bryn desperately tries to restore her clairvoyance, she discovers an elusive inhabitant with the ability to salvage her business and her reason for living.
For a price. 


Christmas Romances


Christmas in Crystal Creek

A road closure and snowstorm traps country music star, Luanne Billings in a small town at Christmas and she finds herself at Crystal Creek Inn’s Holiday Extravaganza. When a brief opportunity to escape presents itself, she must decide between a career-changing performance and helping a child in need. 

Christmas in Whistler

Daria Stark faces a lonely Christmas with her two young children promised to her recent ex-husband and his scheming girlfriend. Hoping for distraction, she leaves Seattle for the picturesque Canadian ski resort, Whistler Mountain, where her friend Joanne is entertaining a house full of Christmas company. When another guest arrives for Christmas, Daria finds herself tempted by the attentions of the charming vintner, Pierre Charbenaud. 

Maui Kalikimaka

Lena Patterson’s ex-husband has the children for Christmas and things are looking lonely for the young mother. Her friend, Pepper, is house sitting a beachfront home on Maui and invites Lena.

Big Island coffee farmer, Kalani Shipton must evacuate his house as Kiluaea’s lava flow threatens to take his home. He ends up on Maui and finds himself in the company of a woman he once propositioned in a drunken stupor.  Thrown together by circumstance, the two realize that first impressions and reputations aren't always reliable.

BONUS BOOK-- DREAM COME TRUE (Dream Jumper Series Christmas Novella)

Police Procedural/Mystery - Detective Maya Flores Series



"A twisty fun mystery!" ~Toby Neal, USA TODAY Bestselling Author

A woman is killed onstage at a theatrical production of the Rocky Horror Show on Maui and although newly transferred Detectives Maya Flores and Pete Cash saw everything from the audience, they don't have a single suspect. What looked like an accident is soon found to be a homicide. Although the historic theater isn't in Maya's jurisdiction, she can’t stay out of Cash's case seeing one of the show’s stars is her running partner. Going under cover in the bizarre production, Maya soon becomes the perpetrator’s target in a cat and mouse game of taunting and luring. With the stakes raised, the case soon heats up to molten lava levels and Cash and Flores must act fast before the culprit either kills again or leaves Maui forever.